Friday, April 4, 2014


This is my first post in almost a year...a year filled with joy, and sadness..illness and healing...

Another year has passed for us here in this desert...5 years now, we are hoping maybe 1 or 2 more years and then sell and move on...this is the longest we have been in one place for a while, lol...neither of us are fans of our town or this desert in general, so maybe a couple more, then time to move on before we get too old or sick to make a move...

This sounds silly to some, but we have considered selling the house, putting the proceeds in a one year CD, buying a small motor home and travel for a year...maybe then we will have the wind in our hair (my hair) and some travel out of our system and be able to settle for good.  My true love is Washington state, but Reno/Sparks area is a close 2nd.  Close to the grandkids, a good VA hospital system for Carl and seasons..and no state income tax..  Sounds like a win win to me...we'll see how it set plans for now!

My mom is for the most part bedridden and has been in the hospice system since mid January of this year...My brother got married in early January and moved out, so her care has been split between me and my sister Cindy, who lives so far away in Illinois..My brother is good to stop by and help when he can, and he takes care of their finances, so that is a huge help.  I did 8 weeks from January to March 10, and my sis will be here until April 25.  I'm not sure when she will be able to return as she needs knee surgery...I have tried to be positive and cheerful, but I have days when I am not.  It's hard to watch my mom in her condition, I love my dad but he is pretty much needing care its really taking care of both of them..After my sister leaves I will be taking over again, but I will be doing things differently from the first time...I was spending almost every night at their home as my dad has a fear of falling...well my home life started to suffer too.  So dad will be wearing a life alert around his neck and if he falls, especially at night, he will have that to get help and contact me..I only live a few blocks away..I need to administer breathing treatments to mom 4x a day but I can run over and do that.  They get meals on wheels so those are their dinners..This will give me an opportunity to help them, but also give me time to do the things at home that need doing.  This probably makes me sound selfish and I hope it doesn't because I don't feel selfish, but I have things going on in my life that need some TLC too.  I guess I am venting a little, but trying to let everyone know what is going on in my life right now..

Carl and I are trying to get the things done that we need to do while my sister is here, appointments, etc..have wanted to take a 'couple' trip somewhere but that hasn't worked out..not really sure where to go, isn't that silly..would love to take a drive up the CA coast but we are running out of time for that, maybe in the summer when my sister is back.

We were able to spend about 10 days with the grandbabies a couple weeks ago..  Oh how we look forward to time with them, they keep us going, that's for sure..

Trying to enjoy this cooler than average spring weather the last few days, our summer will be here shortly and it lasts forever.  Like I said, I am not a desert loving person, so maybe one or two more summers and that's it!

Just wanted to say hi and hope there is someone out there that still reads my blog..

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This is a test..going to have to switch from Google Reader soon and lots of good feedback about Bloglovin..How do you read blogs?  Google Reader?  Anyway, I am trying to get my blog signed up with Bloglovin and see how things go..

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Little of This, A Little of That...

This blog post will probably have no subject and no rhyme or reason, I just feel like writing and will see where it takes me!  I have so totally lost my blogging mojo, but I have been reading your blogs and trying to figure out where my kind of blog fits in.  It's not a crafting blog, nor is it a sewing blog.  I am not a foodie, or even much of a home decorator..So any ideas of where I fit in besides Miscellaneous much appreciated!

We spent several days in Northern Cal weekend before last for Jackson's 1st birthday.  A fun time was had by all.  Here are several pictures.  Grace Lily had a blast at her brother's birthday, playing in the sunshine and with some other little girl friends of theirs..she and Jack were both exhausted by evening!

 Time for gifts!

Time for play, Grace Lily is in the pink plaid dress along with little playmates!

 The kids daddy, our son and our older son got out kites and entertained the little ones, it was fun to watch the 'big boys' run their butts off trying to entertain toddlers!

Our smiling Grace Lily

Happy Jack!
We will be heading back up north over the Memorial Weekend to celebrate Grace Lily's 2nd birthday..I need a nap!  We love spending time with them and our kids, all of our kids..we were so lucky that this trip, for Jack's birthday, our older son Dan and his sweet girlfriend Annette were able to drive up from SoCal to attend the party.  Now we have to convince them to make the trip in May.  Our family feels complete when we are ALL together..does that make sense?
Thank you for indulging this Mimi!



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