Saturday, November 14, 2015

It's Late

How's that for a title, well it is late, 12:30 a.m.  Not feeling very tired right now, kind of in knots..Does that make sense, probably not...Out of sorts..I guess that's what it is..

I've had all this stuff going around and around in my brain tonight..feeling a little weepy..just a I said I feel a little out of sorts..It's been an emotionally hard week for me..I need to concentrate not on anger but, that is not always the easiest thing to do, especially when that forgiveness needs to be about an ongoing situation and a relationship that will never be OK again..I know I sound flaky..if I could spill my heart out in public, I would..But that's not my way.

As thankful as I am that we have been able to rent our neighbors furnished home until our new home in Reno is completed in January (hopefully), its still not easy..Most of our belongings and furnishings are in a storage unit not far from our new place, and except for a garage of miscellaneous items and out bedroom set and mattress, we are pretty much living out of a few boxes and suitcases..We did bring our pots and pans and silverware, four mugs, four glasses and a couple bowls and plates with us..and our own linens..We've been here since the first of September and have probably a couple months to go..The holidays are coming, my holiday boxes are in I will miss having some festive d├ęcor..anyway, like I said my mind is wandering and and I am rambling!

45 days.  The builder will give us a 45 day notice until we can close escrow and move in.  I would be happy to have that 45 day notice yesterday..We have a lot to do once we get the word..our mortage company will need to finish up our loan, we'll need to pack up the few items we have here, and it's probably more than I think.  Boxes everywhere!  Arrange for a moving truck.  And pray for good weather.  January.  Reno. Snow..hmmm...this move will be different, the last few moves have been in blasted hot weather, at least this one will be cooler..can anyone say blizzard??  To be continued...


Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Hello friends!  Well, three posts so far this week, I almost think I'm finding my blog voice..maybe it's like the more you do something, the easier it is..I've never been much of a writer..some folks just make the words flow, me, not so much.  I was never interested in the creative writing type classes in I think what I am best at is just telling it like it is.  You know the old saying, What You See is What You Get.

I'm taking a Facebook break.  It's time.  Facebook should be fun and informative.  Friends reaching out to friends, enjoying bits and pieces of each others lives..Lately I'm finding it more political, folks bashing each other in public, and personally being dragged in the mud.  I don't deserve to be drug though the mud.  It's such a long story but what I will say is in most things in my long (62 years) life, I have tried to do the right thing and whatever I have taken on I have done the best of my ability..No one is perfect, and I surely am not.  But when I find myself on the receiving end of crap, well it's time for a break!  I don't know how many of you are Facebook friends with me, but please I need to stay in touch, so shoot me a message if you need my email or cell number..I treasure my Facebook friends..and I'll be back at some point.. Think this is a good time to do some more reading than I have been, do some sewing that is calling my name, and spending quality time with my husband withoug having my nose buried in my laptop or my phone..time is too precious to waste and that is what I am going to say about that!

Today is Veteran's Day, and my dear husband Carl is a veteran of the Vietnam era..He served in the Army from 1966 to 1969, I have always been proud of his service, which he was in way before he met me.. He never talked much about it, and being busy raising our sons, working and just trying to keep out heads above water, his time in the service just didn't come up much.  In recent years he has been diagnosed with PTSD, and thank goodness for the VA.  The VA gets a lot of flak, but in our experience it has been a godsend with good doctors and therapy..He is doing much better..and is a proud veteran!  Hope everyone had the opportunity to thank a Veteran if one is in your life today.  And I did what I always try to do, take him for a special Veteran's lunch.  Today we went to Chili's.  They had a special menu for Veterans, and wow was that restaurant full of proud veterans and their spouses, or significant others.. Nice camaradie!  Many restaurants celebrate our Veterans, so different when these service members, especially those who served in the Vietnam era, were treated when they returned home.. We are thankful they are now celebrated as they should be.

There is my handsome hubby, many moons ago...

I did survive the dentist yesterday..I have a wonderful student dentist and he always makes me laugh..and when I left yesterday he gave me a big hug.  His name is Douglas and his family is from Kenya..I am going back next week, and I'm sure I'll have at least one or two more appointments before Christmas, and I am definitely going to find him a gift.  He truly is enjoyable and his stories just crack me up..

Well, time to settle down and enjoy some tv this evening.  I dug out my kindle and it's battery is dead, naturally, so need to charge it.  I have a couple books in it that I've been wanting to is a good chance to do that!

Love you all!


Monday, November 9, 2015

A late good evening to you all..I am about ready to head to bed, but wanted to just pop in and say hi.

It's been a nice day, weatherwise, in the desert..high temp was about 70 degrees, and right now it's about 58 out..that feels cool to those of us who live through the blasted hot summers here, I think our skin really does thin out.  Too bad my hips don't!!  Ha ha..actually we are probably going to freeze in Reno until we become acclimated to the weather's been snowing there all day and evening and our friend Ruth took some pictures in her yard and posted them on Facebook, it looks pretty..Ruth and her husband Bill live a few miles from where we will be living..So nice to already have good friends who will be nearby..Carl and I are pretty friendly, it won't be long until we meet new neighbors..Probably shoveling snow, lol.

I have to leave here early, about 6:15 am, in the morning..I have a dental appt. at the Dental School at Loma Linda University, which is about a 50 mile drive each way.  Carl and I started going to the dental school about 3 years ago..they do take our dental insurance but what we have to pay is so much less than going to a 'regular' dentist..Carl had quite a bit of work to be done, and he is pretty much finished except for the twice yearly cleanings, but my dental work has gone in spurts..I've been limited the last couple years as to when I can go due to caregiving for my mom and dad..I could really only go on my brother's days I've gotten really behind..I think I will get my new bridge tomorrow, but sometimes I go and I find out what they're doing when I get there..I would like to get my dental work finished before we move up north, that is probably not going to happen..I can always fly back here and stay with my son or my girlfriends Denise or Eloda..I just think I am going to run out of time to get my dental work finished before we go..It'll work out somehow.

Boy is it windy out tonight..I hear it whistling out there..

Well, heading to bed, chat later!


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